Registration Update

We’re excited to report that there are over 50 people registered to walk all or part of the Pilgrimage!

The way the numbers and dates synch up means than there will be at least 30 walkers at all times. These numbers are current as of the registration deadline of March 31. The age range is 9 months to 87 years old, with the most distant walkers coming from B.C. and Virginia, USA.

Walkers are still warmly welcomed to join in for a section of the journey, even if it’s just for a few hours or a day. Our desire is to welcome as many walkers as possible. However, after the registration deadline of March 31, we cannot offer food and accommodations, as we are working with limited space in certain host communities. You will need to find your own travel to connect up with us, and to make your own way home. See the map.