Walker interview with Henry Neufeld and Kathleen Vitt

older man with flat drum, young woman with dark brown hair

To say that Henry Neufeld (87) and Kathleen Vitt (29) are in inspiration would be an understatement. Both Henry and Kathleen will be walking hundreds of kilometres on the Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights.

Henry has been a teacher and church worker among Indigenous people in central and northern Manitoba going back to the 1952. Henry is rare among white settlers in that he is fluent in Ojibwe.

Kathleen Vitt is 29 years old. She is an International Studies graduate from Canadian Mennonite University, has served with MCC’s SALT program in Bolivia, and has worked with Indigenous youth in Winnipeg. Kathleen, who carries a Métis and a Mennonite spiritual heritage, will take a week of her holidays to join the walk.

You can listen to an interview with Kathleen and Henry at Church Matters.