Waiting & Praying: Will 262 get to Committee in time?

We need your help friends.

Bill C-262, The Indigenous Rights Act, needs to get into Committee soon or there just won’t be enough time—it will die on the order paper before getting to 3rd reading/vote. We thought the Senate was going to refer 262 to Committee on April 21st, but Conservative Senators filibustered and prevented such (see Obstructing UNDRIP bill amounts to oppression and racism).

Our next big opportunity is Tuesday, April 30th. Please encourage the Senate to pursue reconciliation by supporting Bill C-262 and the minimum standards set forth in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Go on Twitter and Facebook and share your support for 262. Use the attached graphic and tag the Senate and key political leaders – @SenateCA, @andrewscheer, @donplett.

It’s time for Canada to have a plan for respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples.
Canadians are waiting.
Together, let’s #passBillC262!