We’re in the Home Stretch – Time to Write the Senate!

Through the amazing work of grassroots advocacy, Bill C-262—The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act—got through the House of Commons and now sits in the Senate. We need the Senate to pass 262 by June 2019, and so we need you (and everyone in your precious circle!) to write our Senators, calling on them to “Walk the Talk” and “PASS 262.” This bill, affirming the application of the Declaration in Canadian law, is the most important piece of legislation to come before the Senate. It will make a huge difference!

-Send an electronic letter—crafted by a coalition of faith-based organizations—to all the Senators at this link and spread the word (it only takes a minute)

– Order a free pack of postcards to send to all the Senators. Postage is free and the cards come with a tips sheet so you can pull off a postcard party with your community or church group. (Handwritten cards with short messages really do have an impact).